Twitter Feeds for Securities Counsel

Welcome to Securities Docket’s running list of Twitter Feeds for Securities Counsel:

  1. @AmLawDaily — Am Law Daily, source for daily legal business news & analysis of leading law firms
  2. @astarita — Mark Astarita, securities litigation attorney with Beam & Astarita
  3. @brocromanek — Broc Romanek, editor of and
  4. @brucecarton — Bruce Carton, editor of Securities Docket and columnist at Compliance Week
  5. @complianceweek —  Leading information service on corporate compliance and risk
  6. @davidseide — David Seide, SEC enforcement and white collar defense attorney with Curtis Mallet-Prevost in DC
  7. @darrellheapsDarrell Heaps on Reg FD and corporate disclosure issues
  8. @dealbook The latest in deals and those who make and break them, from the NYT
  9. @djcompliance News updates and research findings from Dow Jones’ Risk and Compliance group
  10. @dougcornelius Doug Cornelius, Chief Compliance Officer for a real estate private equity company
  11. @financialtimes — The Financial Times feed
  12. @footnoted — SEC filings, blogging, entrepreneurial journalism, and more SEC filings
  13. @fpileggi — Francis G.X. Pileggi, Delaware corporate law and commercial litigation
  14. @irwebreport — Research and intelligence for web-based investor relations
  15. @jemoore — Forensic accounting and litigation support issues
  16. @kevinlacroix — Kevin LaCroix, an attorney and a partner with OakBridge Insurance Services
  17. @kranenburgesq — Werner Kranenburg, author of “With Vigour and Zeal,” a European’s Views on Securities Litigation
  18. @krautinthecity — Day-to-day impressions of a German Rechtsanwalt in the City of London
  19. @NACD — National Association of Corporate Directors
  20. @newrulesinvest — Following the intersection between finance and web 2.0
  21. @nytimesbusiness — NY Times Business feed
  22. @Portfolio — Portfolio magazine’s feed
  23. @pkedrosky — Dr. Paul Kedrosky, an investor, financial writer, and entrepreneur
  24. @retheauditors Francine McKenna, author of Re: the Auditors on auditing and accounting issues
  25. @Reuters_Biz Reuters Business feed
  26. @SEC_Investor_Ed SEC press releases and other updates from the SEC’s Office of Investor Education
  27. @SEC_News SEC press releases only
  28. @seclaw Securities Law Home Page – online since 1995, articles, commentary and links
  29. @SecuritiesD Securities Docket, the Global Securities Litigation and Enforcement Report
  30. @securitieslaw Legal documents, analysis, alerts, articles, filings from attorneys & law firms covering Securities Law & Litigation.
  31. @WSJ — The Wall Street Journal feed

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LAST UPDATED: March 9, 2009