Daily Archives: July 9, 2014, 2:41 pm

American Greed: Breaking Down the Kluger-Bauer-Robinson Insider Trading Scheme – Compliance Week

The most recent episode of CNBC’s American Greed offers an interesting and detailed look at the insider trading ring of trader Garrett Bauer, attorney Matthew Kluger, and a middleman-turned-informant named Kenneth Robinson. After a 17-year scheme that netted tens of millions of dollars (most of which went to Bauer), all three men pleaded guilty, and Kluger received the longest prison…

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When Hackers Attack Hedge Funds – Compliance Week

Although the attack the BAE executives described was not real, it is by no means a far-fetched scenario. Indeed, cyber-security experts say the idea of hackers stealing hedge fund trading data to enable themselves to profit in the financial markets is entirely plausible. John Stark, managing director of digital risk-management firm Stroz Friedberg, said that the scenario is reminiscent of…

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